Electromate 400
While this may not be the most powerful backup power unit and it is a bit heavy (but a cool and practical design) I have found so many uses for it and well worth what I paid for it. I’m kind of a tool girl and buy stuff even though I don’t think I will need it. I was so wrong with this one.

Electromate 400 powers pcI purchased my original unit in AUG, 2007. I immediately took it on a dry camping trip just cuz it was a group trip and we all like to show off our stuff. I won! On that trip, I was able to air up my mattress and keep a florescent drop light on for one of the party nights then recharged it off of a friend’s portable generators.

I do craft shows and like to take samples. I was able to run a large crock pot with this unit, keeping my chili warm for hours, turning it on and off through the period of time I expected to need it and the chili remained at a “food safe” temperature.

At a most inconvenient time, the battery in my 1999 5 Liter V8 Ford Explorer died and I used this unit it to jump my truck several times a day for 3-4 day without recharging.

Electromate 400 jump-starterI have used it to top off my tire when I had a slow leak and needed to hold over until I could get it fixed. (Pretty large tires)

Most recently when Hurricane Ike was coming in during the early AM hours, I knew my power was going down. I fulled charged the unit and plugged the wireless router and modem into it so I could watch the live broadcast of the storm coming on shore on the laptop. It held over until almost daylight and I felt like striking up the generator.

I do chili cook-offs and have one of those blowup nylon/poly decor things like folks put in their yards at Christmas, a little smaller though. I can plug that into the unit and it runs for hours and I have power if I need it for a blender or something else like that.

I run a large chili garden and take this with me when I work in it for the day. Instead of running the truck radio or long, long extension cords out to the field, I just plug my radio into the unit.

My home and garage were burglarized this year and my original unit was stolen. It was one of the first things I replaced because I just think it’s a good thing to have around.

This is by far a very amateur and non-technical review but I do hope that it does let someone know that this is just one of those things you think you will never need and you will be surprised at all of the ways you could use it. Sure, it would be nice it it ran for a longer period of time and it did not weigh as much as it does (but the handle is very comfortable, even when lifting it up onto the under-hood to jump your battery) the Electromate has managed to make the list of Hurricane Preparedness down here.

BTW, I would have never gotten the one with the radio instead of the air compressor…just plug the radio into this while you air up the inner tubes for the river!

I hope my info helps!

Product Features

  • 450 amps instantly jump-starts without the need of another vehicle
  • Built-in ultra-bright LED work light for emergency roadside assistance
  • Exclusive built-in 120 volt AC charger for use with ordinary household extension cord for recharging
  • Reverse hook-up warning alarm to prevent damage to vehicle or electronics
  • Two year warranty

Technical specifications

  • Jump Start Output – 12V DC, 450 Amp Instant, 5 seconds, 300 Amp DC
  • Inverter Input – 12.5V DC, 36.5 Amp
  • Inverter Output – 120V AC, 60 Hz, 400 W
  • Class 2 Power Unit Input – 120V AC, 60 Hz
  • Class 2 Power Unit Output – 12V 1 Amp
  • Class 2 Power Unit Battery – 12V, 19 Ah, sealed lead-acid
  • Class 2 Power Unit Safety Protection – Overload, Overheating and Short Circuit

Electromate 400